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Photo "Knowledge is power"

And collaboraton is key to achieve "Connecting The Future". The task looks overwhelming, stretching from technical work like configuring devices, teaching others, providing trainings, and contributing to knowledge. Equally important is the local, regional and global partnership. "It does not make sense if governments decide to connect schools, but there is no competence at the school to maintain the equipment" Likewise, "it does not make sense to ask for school connectivity if we don't involve our local administration, our regional representatives and the government to support the plans".
We need both, top-down and bottom-up. Thus, please select and area where you can contribute.

PhotoWhere can you contribute?

Our wiki on BasicInternet.no describes the technology (see Solutions) as well as first steps to establish an InfoSpot.

Contributing to knowledge

Together with you, we build the knowledge base Yeboo.BasicInternet.org on health, education, energy and areas of interest.

PhotoAvailable for everyone, download and share

If you have videos, presentations or interviews, please register at Nextcloud.BasicInternet.org and upload to the respective directory. Or walk through, e.g. see the videos in health, download them to a memory stick and upload them to your School/Village server.

As and example, please see the animation of Cysticercosis in the health section.

PhotoDigital health education on Cysticercosis

or the training on "what is a Raspberry Pi", WordPress or Nextcloud

PhotoTraining on Raspberry Pi, WordPress and Nextcloud

Is there another area? Have a look at the detailed work topics, and select an area where you can contribute

PhotoDetailed view on work items

Get involved!