School Knowledge Platform

When starting our development of the School Platform, we asked ourselves these two questions

  • What do you need to learn in the digital world?
  • What should you be able to do?
  • How can I interact and collaborate with others?

PhotoCreate a web page and share content

And we have in mind that we need a platform that can grow, has low initial costs and is low on power consumption.
Thus we selected a Raspberry Pi (RPI) and developed three training sessions

  1. Part I on explaining an RPI
  2. Part II on introducing WordPress for editing a web page
  3. Part III for using Nextcloud to share content with others

The result of our development is, a nextcloud platform allowing an easy creation of content and allowing to share the content.
The idea behind

  • every school has his own school server
  • we are able to download content from other sources, e.g. health information, and place it on the school server

Note: this page is written using Markdown in WordPress

Raspberry Pi training

The training is based on the presentation "Raspberry Pi - good to know"

PhotoWhat is a Raspberry Pi

PhotoSchool server and local network control center (LNCC)

The picture above shows the connectivity which you'll find in the schools, where the LNCC provides the Wifi network "BasicInternet" that automatically connects to

For the full training, see RPI training on

WordPress training

PhotoWordPress training overview

The wordpress training on the RPI used the school server "" as an example to create a web page.

Having performed the training, you have learned

  • how to create a new blog entry
  • what is the dashboard in WordPress
  • how to edit a page
  • how to create a new user (given that you are admin)

For the full training, see WordPress training on

Nextcloud training

PhotoNextcloud training overview

Having performed the training, you know

  • how to create a directory
  • how to create a file in Markdown (md) language and write some text
  • how to download video and other content and share it in nextcloud
  • how to create a link for sharing content

For the full training, see Nextcloud training on