Internet Society Tanzania Chapter and Basic Internet Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 17th of December 2020

Internet Society Tanzania Chapter (ISOC-Tz Chapter) is a Tanzania local non-profit organization registered in Tanzania under the Ministry of Home Affairs. The organization is located in 25 Ikungi Street, Kinondoni, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

ISOC Tanzania Chapter and collaborators are currently implementing Tanzania Digital Inclusion Project (TADIP).This is a 10year project with the aim of closing the digital divide in Tanzania by connecting the unconnected and underserved citizens in rural and urban center. The project will connect 32.44 million people and train 6 million youth and women on digital literacy. It is envisaged that 1500 WiFi School InfoHubs, 262,260 WiFi Community InfoHubs and 12,437 WiFi Super InfoHubs would be created throughout Tanzania to connect the unconnected millions. The WiFi Super InfoHubs will also have a Climate Monitoring Focal Point (CCM-FP), which will involve students and youth in the real science of measuring things like carbon emission levels and air quality.


Basic Internet Foundation promotes free access to information for all, and has established community-driven informations spots to provide free access. The Foundation's distributed architecture opens for a quick deployment of a cost-effective Internet distribution worldwide, allowing for a reception of a 3Gl4G network even in areas with no connectivity. The costs of the infrastructure itself is as cheap as a mobile phone, about 300 USD. For a CAPEX of about USD 1100 we enable lnternet access for everyone in the society. While lnternet links are expensive, its information spot solution has OPEX of typically USD 15-20 per month. Given the cooperative model for digital inclusion, they expect that an information spot can have OPEX costs of less than USD 10. Their business model for freemium access to internet is sustainable, though needs a collaboration of stakeholders.

The goal of the collaboration is to promote digital inclusion through access to digital equipment, Information Spots, connecting schools, healthcare facilities, communities and key gathering places in the different regions of Tanzania. Through the pilot operations, we will establish the proof of concept for digital inclusion, where we will demonstrate a common effort for school content. We will look at the schools and discuss which of them are relevant to ISOC Tanzania. In addition, an additional 5 equipment will be included for the second round and the cost will be taken in Tanzania. Basic Internet will find sponsors for the equipment and configuration in Norway. The proof of concept is the basis for project proposals extending into other places, and to invite shareholders in the digital inclusion.


Our call for action entails invitation of shareholders to the digital inclusion agenda and project, entrepreneurial experts, funding mechanisms via donor institutions, partners from both the public and private sectors and other non-governmental organisations.

Two examples addressing the role of broadband, regulations and municipal networks. And they leave the question:
What can we do to give everyone free access to information?