The HOPin Academy and Basic Internet Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the 20th of November 2019.

HOPin Academy focuses on technological entrepreneurship and innovation in the Northern Region of Ghana-Tamale. The Academy provides pragmatic and innovative approaches towards exploring the vast fields of entrepreneurship aided by technology thereby beating the competition in the labour market. Internet to everyone is a part of accelerating innovations, including students, schools, entrepreneurship, governments and other key sectors.

The Basic Internet Foundation promotes free access to information for all, and has established community-driven informations spots to provide free access. Information provided by the foundation is in the form of compressed text, images and local content from the Information Spot. The foundation has established infrastructure to extend the mobile network, and provides wireless access.

This partnership aims to promote digital inclusion in entrepreneurship through allocating Information centres , connecting schools and establishing information spots in the various areas in the Tamale Region and looking into partnership based on digital integration so as to establish pilot operation in Ghana. Through the pilot operations we will establish the proof of concept for digital inclusion, societal empowerment and innovation acceleration in the Ghanaian society. Through the free access, the innovation clusters can better reach out and gain attention as it fosters societal development and business empowerment.

Our call for action entails invitation of shareholders to the digital inclusion agenda and project, entrepreneurial experts, funding mechanisms via donor institutions, partners from both the public and private sectors and other non-governmental organisations.

Two examples addressing the role of broadband, regulations and municipal networks. And they leave the question:
What can we do to give everyone free access to information?