The Migoli High School has 1271 pupils (Apr2019) and 35 full-time teachers. The high school is located about 3 km outside of Migoli in the Iringa district in Tanzania.

Entering the Nyerere High School in Migoli

Despite the near-by mobile towers, providing 3G from several operators, the school had no Internet connection.

Reason are the cost structure of a mobile subscription. A 10 GByte package from Vodacom costs TZS 35.000 (~14 €) per month, but it is impossible for the school to provide just the information that is necessary for the the pupils.
Our Internet Lite for All infrastructure enables full access to text, pictures and local videos, and is thus well suited to provide the information needed to participate in the #DigitalSociety.

As we want to connect also other information spots in Migoli, we put together an extended infrastructure. The directive antenna converts the 3G network to Internet, and is brought down to our Local Network Control Centre (LNCC).

Pupils from the Nyerere High School supporting the installation

The LNCC distributes the Internet Lite back to the sector antennas located a the top of a 9 m mast, ensuring the distribution across the campus as well as providing the village with Internet Lite information spots. Read more about the infrastructure at

We extended the mast to 9 m, as we needed to get over the roof-top of the building, and reach back into Migoli.

Though we have established the core network functionality, we need your help to provide a school & village server providing educational material to everyone on the campus.
If you can help please contact us or leave a message in the chat.

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