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Wisam Ahmed Mansour

Wisam Ahmed Mansour

Digital Transformation and Women Entrepreneurship Advisor

Wisam A. Mansour is Advisor for Digital Transformation and Women Entrepreneurship at the Basic Internet Foundation. She is also co-founder of the  SudanStart association for Sudanese youth empowerment. I 2018, she attained a master degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, from the University of Oslo. At UiO, her focus was on Women Entrepreneurship in the Global South, where she did an indeep study / thesis on “Facilitating Women Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies”. As part of her work, she has evaluated the hypothesis “Innovation for All through Free Access to Information ” based on the Information Spots has been implemented in different African countries such as Tanzania, Kenya, …etc, which she brought into the Foundation. Wisam was also a business developer for many entrepreneurial projects such as SKIWO AS, Better AS where through working and being Intern at StartUp lab she was in direct relation with both the Norwegian and International business ecosystem. Besides, her experience in health technology projects development as being part of Aleap incubation lab for health startups.

Contact Wisam on LinkedIn or Twitter: @wisam_mansour