We make digital inclusion happen to improve the life of every single human, by providing free access to the internet and its information.

Our Goal: Free Access To Basic Information For Everyone

To reach this goal, we need two fundamental things: A definition of information that must be available for every human being – so-called "Digital Public Goods". And free access for everyone to these Digital Public Goods.

Digital Public Goods

Digital public goods are digital products, and the software, data and algorithms that drive them, that serve to educate us, help us thrive in our professional lives, enrich our cultural experiences, and ultimately do good for the benefit of humankind. Examples of these goods exist all around us in the areas of information, education, healthcare, finance, and more. Many also serve to further the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. (source)

Freemium Model for Access

Free access to information on the internet, and premium access to broadband services, the "freemium" model for access.  Free access to information is the major condition for digital inclusion, thus, development of digital society and accomplishing the SDGs.

Internet Lite is proven technology and provides free access to text, pictures and local content, e.g. education or health videos on a local server. The business model supports the concept of a Social Solidarity Economy.

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