Franchise Partner


The Franchise Partnership provides you with the knowledge and infrastructure to run a community network, including

  • the access to our device management, allowing you to configure your local network control centre;
  • the management of “white pages” enabling free access to information, and premium access to broadband content;
  • a personalised login to the voucher system, providing you with the opportunity for revenue creation; and
  • the link to a worldwide network of communities and scientists focussing on “connecting the unconnected”.
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Work with us as a Franchise Partner

Together we can build resilient communities through digital inclusion, and the free access to information on e.g. education, health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, financial inclusion and digital literacy.


Together we make difference

Meet our partner from BOACSE organisation when building information spot at Chikanamilo, Tanzania. It was a great step in both digitally include and empower the local community. The whole society collaborate for swift and successful installation.